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Hi there!

I'm Sondrasa of Art Quilts by Design. 

I have been an avid Art Quilter for over a decade. I have found quilting to be the perfect pallet for my creativity. Playing with the mediums of fabric and thread to create my own unique brand of fabric art for both international quilt shows and my own quilt patterns.

When not designing and being a fabric addict, you'll find me live streaming creative quilting content on Twitch where I've grown a tightknit community over the last 6 years

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My Story

Art Quilts by Design is the product of creativity and passion with a dash of serendipity. I was originally born and raised in Southern California. I attended Edinboro University of Pennsylvania where I studied with a dual concentration in Ceramics and Woodworking.

I found quilting my senior year of university when my Mom (a long time quilter and seamstress) called me over to see the newest episode of Sewing with Nancy. There on the screen was none other than Tula Pink, showing Nancy her cornstalk quilt made with her new fabric line Pairsville. I'd never seen fabric like it before. It was bold, vibrant, I'd go as far as to say quirky! Everything I once thought quilting was the exact opposite of. I was hooked from that day forward. I went back to university that week and started carving blocks for block printing on fabric and pulled out some of the most funky fabric from the local fabric shop to upholster my new sculpted woodworking chair.


Fast Forward over a decade later. I have still not gotten tired of quilting! Quite the opposite really. I've shown at international quilt shows like AQS Daytona, worked as a commission art quilter, and streamed over 7 years as a quilting content creator.

Now with a family of my own in mile high Denver, Colorado, (and a massive world pandemic under our belts) I have taken to creating my designs into quilt patterns that even a confident beginner can master!


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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