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Adding Dimension to Your Quilt: Creative Ideas for Applique Filler Blocks in the Sprout Quilt Challenge

Updated: Jan 11

Sprout Quilt Challenge Filler Blocks Blog card

Hey there, Quilty friends! 

Welcome to week 2 of the Sprout Quilt Challenge! It's been such a joy seeing all the amazing blocks the community has created so far, and I'm sure you're curious about the filler blocks we keep alluding to. During the Sprout 2024 challenge, there will be filler block blogs each week from week 2 until week 7. This blog will be the first, and as each week passes, I will update this blog with links to the other designers filler block blogs to help you keep track.

For my Sprout filler block set, I'll be showing you an applique option that plays on the theme of my Cocooned Dreams block. In that block, you have a butterfly breaking free from it's cocoon. I also designed the Mini Block Bonus: Bart, who is a chubby little caterpillar. For the fillers, I wanted to fill in the gaps of the story of little Bart on his Journey to become our beautiful butterfly. As you create your fillers, you'll notice that each Bart is bigger than the last, and that the leaves on the branches start their seasonal change.

I'm rather smitten with these filler blocks, and I hope you enjoy making them as much as I enjoyed telling the story of Bart.

Bart mini block
Meet Bart (just don't let him hear you call him small!0

*If you missed out on the Mini Block Bonus: Bart, and still want to get your hands on this chubby little fella, you can purchase him here

Getting Started with the Sprout Applique Filler Blocks for the Sprout Quilt Challenge

cover of Applique Filler Block Patter

Before Starting-

·       Print included PDF Pattern & Applique Layout Guide (find it here)

· Assemble Applique Layout Guide

·       Read through all instructions before you begin

·      All seams are sewn ¼"

applique layout assembly step 1

Assembling the Applique Layout Guide

applique layout assembly part 2

applique layout guide fully assembled

Terms to Know-

·       WS - Wrong side of fabric

·       RS - Right side of fabric

·       Raw Edge Applique - Fabric shapes whose edges are raw and unbound. Raw edge applique is the simplest and quickest way to create an applique pattern with fabric

Fabric Requirements

fabric requirements sheet

materials list

Prepare your background fabric

*use scrapes from your other blocks to make sure you have enough fabric for the entire Sprout quilt

use your scraps for your parts
use your scraps!

  1. Iron and prep your background fabric (Stonework Sketch in the fabric requirements chart)

  2. Cut your fabric to:

  3. Set side Border 3, 7, & 8 (they will remain blank)

  4. Applique shapes to remaining borders according to the Applique Layout Guide

***Note- if you have the Mini Bonus Block: Bart you will substitute Border 8 for Bart

background fabric

Applique Instructions

* All applique shapes have been already reversed for ease

trace your applique shapes with a light box

1. Trace the included applique shapes onto fusible webbing using a Sharpie pen & light box 

2. Cut traced shapes, leaving ¼" of paper bordering the shape

cut your shapes with a 1/4 in border

cut your shapes down to size along the line

3. With WS of fabric up, iron traced shapes to corresponding fabrics, according to the instructions found on your specific fusible webbing

4. Cut fused shapes out along the traced line

5. Using a heat proof, clear silicone mat that is laid over the Applique Layout Guide:

a.     Peel paper backing from shapes

b.     Place them on mat according to Applique Layout Guide and place in corresponding spot

c.     Iron very briefly, just to adhere shapes together (2-3 seconds) and let cool completely

use your silicone mat with the applique layout guide

6.Peel pressed fabric gently off of the silicone mat (do not worry if some pieces do not stay together, you can replace them before final iron)

7. Lay form over background fabric, using Applique Layout Guide

border 1 with caterpillar, branches, and leaves

8. Press a clean iron over shapes according to fusible webbing’s specific instructions

9. Sew fabric down using your preferred method -we have been using Thread Sketching, you can find a short video example of how I approach thread sketching here

Trimming your borders

Trim filler blocks to:

• (x3) 4½" x 16½"

• (x2) 4½" x 12½"

• (x2) 4½" x 8½"

• (x1) 2½" x 4½"

all borders with applique ironed down

And there you have it! Barts journey from chubby little buddy to his Butterfly form is complete!

For assembling the borders, you'll have to wait until the very end of the challenge to put everything in it's place, however, I've prepared an image to help you place everything in its spot when you're ready-

Sprout Quilt Layout
Sprout Quilt Layout with applique filler blocks

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to comment below or reach out to me via email-

Thank you for joining us on this Sprout Quilt Challenge!


Pattern Downloads:

Sprout Applique Filler Blocks Pattern
Download PDF • 3.78MB

Sprouts Applique Filler Blocks Applique Layout Guide
Download PDF • 1.10MB

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