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Exploring Fun and Educational Indoor Activities for Kids

two children sitting on the floor coloring with markers

Exploring Fun and Educational Indoor Activities for Kids

Parents often want to entertain their kids during their free time at home. But in reality, keeping children busy and entertained can be a daunting task. This is especially true for parents who are trying to avoid excessive screen time. With that in mind, our guest blogger Don Lewis from Ability Labs, shares some fun and educational indoor activities you can use to keep your children amused while also educating them.

Board Games

Board games are an excellent way to keep kids of all ages entertained for hours. From classic games like Monopoly and Scrabble to new favorites like Ticket to Ride and Settlers of Catan, there is a board game for every age group and interest. Board games are great for family bonding and developing important social skills, such as teamwork and negotiation.

a family sitting on the floor of a living room playing a board game together and having fun


teal and purple fish puzzle made of wood with sevel pieces missing

Empowered Parents notes that puzzles can help improve critical thinking, problem-solving, and cognitive abilities in children and are also an excellent way to pass the time. Puzzles come in a variety of themes, shapes, and sizes and can be purchased at any local toy store or online. For younger children, puzzles with bigger pieces or simpler designs are recommended.


bright pink and muave fabric petals under a machine sewing needle

Quilting can be a fantastic indoor activity for kids, engaging them creatively and enhancing their fine motor skills. It allows children to explore color combinations, patterns, and textures while creating something beautiful and functional. Shopping for fun patterns from Art Quilts by Design can add an extra layer of excitement to the process. Their diverse range of designs can inspire kids to create their unique quilts, sparking creativity and innovation. Additionally, quilting can also teach children about patience and precision, skills that are beneficial beyond the craft room. So, whether it's a rainy day or a quiet weekend, quilting can provide a fun, artistic outlet for kids.


a dad reading to his two young childer while sitting outside under some trees

Incorporating reading into your child’s daily routine is essential for their cognitive and emotional growth. Introduce your children to books of different genres, such as fiction, non-fiction, and poetry. You can also read books to children who may not be able to read on their own yet. Make reading more enjoyable by setting up a cozy reading corner or creating a reading challenge where they can earn rewards for reading.

Brainstorm Businesses

Dad sitting at a table in fron of his computer on a phone call with his young daughter throwing her arms around his neck in a loving hug while mom sits on the living room floor looking on happily

Brainstorming family business ideas is not only a productive way to spend time together indoors, but it also strengthens familial bonds. It encourages every member of the family to think creatively, share their ideas, and respect others' perspectives. Consulting a list of business ideas can be a great place to start, helping to spark inspiration and get everyone's creative juices flowing. This activity can lead to interesting discussions about market trends, potential risks, and rewards, and even the values you would want your family business to uphold. Beyond possibly finding a viable business idea, this shared experience can foster a deeper understanding among family members and create lasting memories.

Karaoke Night

a mom and daughter kneeling on a bed singing into hair bruches pretending to preform to their favortie song

Who doesn't love singing and dancing in the comfort of their home?

Karaoke night is a great way to allow children to showcase their singing skills while also having fun. You can find karaoke machines that allow children to sing along to their favorite songs or simply use a microphone and connect to YouTube. It's a good idea to set a theme for the karaoke night, such as Disney songs, oldies, or pop songs.

STEM-Related Activities

a dad sitting with his two young sons at the dinner table. they are cutting colorful scraps of construction paper into fun shapes

Stem-related activities are perfect for children who love science, technology, engineering, and math. These activities can range from building with Legos, constructing a model rocket, learning practical skills like calculating a down payment, and exploring scientific experiments with household items. You will find many resources online, including free tutorials on YouTube, that can help you discover new STEM-related activities that will inspire your child's intellectual curiosity.

Educational Videos

If you work from home, you can allow your children to engage in independent learning. You can set up an educational playlist on YouTube on a topic that you know your child will find interesting. Watching educational videos will help children to develop their knowledge and skills in a variety of areas, from math and science to history and social studies. You can also have them watch educational TV shows such as National Geographic, Bill Nye, or MythBusters.

young boy with guitar watching a computer screen for instructional guidence

Doing Chores Can Be Fun!

little girl helping an adult with washing the dishes

Chores don’t have to be hard work. In fact, you can make a game out of things like folding laundry, helping in the kitchen, and decluttering. Picking up the playroom, for example, can start by showing the kids where toys and other items go. Then ask each child to guess how many minutes it will take to declutter the area and record their guesses. The winner is the one who is closest to the actual time. You’ll be surprised by how quickly the playroom is tidied up!

As a parent, keeping children entertained and busy can be challenging. Still, with these fun and educational indoor activities, you can help your child to learn and grow while also spending quality time together. Encourage them to try new things like quilting, brainstorming business ideas, and learning practical STEM applications, ensuring that it remains an enjoyable activity. By incorporating these activities, you will create a more stimulating environment for your child while also encouraging their intellectual curiosity.

About Don Lewis:

Don Lewis created Ability Labs to help family members of people with disabilities. When Don’s son, Randy, was a junior in college he was in a terrible motorcycle accident and suffered a severe head trauma among many other injuries. From that day on, Randy’s physical and cognitive abilities have changed, but he’s still Don’s favorite person in the world. Through Randy’s journey, Don has learned a lot about how different life is for people who are differently-abled. Don believes that everyone is special and no one should be defined by their unique abilities. He hopes Ability Labs will inspire others to promote or even adopt this way of thinking.

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