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Unleashing Creativity: The "Release the Kraken" Block

release the kraken quilt block with spools of thread, with kraken tentacles reaching out from the bottom of the imagea coca cola can on ice, and a glass of rum

Hey there, quilt lovers!  I'm Sondrasa, the creative guru & chief nerd behind the whimsical world of Art Quilts by Design. I'm so excited to be taking part in this month's Quilt Block Mania. Why, you may ask? Well because it's all about drinks! Now, if you've been following me long you know how much I LOVE a good cup of coffee. However, I decided to share my love of a drink that's a bit more adult oriented. My favorite adult beverage by far has got to be a good Rum 'n Coke. Nothing beats a summer night, a tall glass, some cola (my fav is vanilla coke) and a good strong Rum. That's where the kraken comes in at. I absolutely love Kraken Rum. It has just the right level of spice and punch to balance the sweetness of the soda.

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So sit back, kick up your feet, and lets get Kraken!

Getting Started with the Release the Kraken block

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Release the Kraken block pattern

Before Starting-

·       Read through all instructions before you begin

·      Assemble Applique Layout Guide & Applique Parts Guide (included with the PDF pattern)


Terms to Know-

·       WS - Wrong side of fabric

·       RS - Right side of fabric

·       Raw Edge Applique - Fabric shapes whose edges are raw and unbound. Raw edge applique is the simplest and quickest way to create an applique pattern with fabric

fabric requirement sheet for Release the Kraken Quilt block

 Prepare your background fabric-

1.      Iron and prep your fabric

2.      Cut your fabric to measurements specified in fabric requirement charts                      (you will trim to size at the end)

3.     Set aside until ready to apply applique shapes

Applique Instructions

* All applique shapes have been already reversed for ease

1.      Trace the included applique shapes onto fusible webbing using a Sharpie pen & light box 

Trace your shapes onto iron on fusible webbing

2.      Cut traced shapes, leaving ¼" of paper bordering the shape

cut out shapes leaving a .25 in border around the shapes

3. With WS of fabric up, iron traced shapes to corresponding fabrics, according to the instructions found on your specific fusible webbing

Iron your shapes onto the Wrong Side of the fabric, following your fusible webbings instructions

4.     Cut fused shapes out along the traced line

with shapes ironed onto the fabric, cut shapes along the marked line

5.     Using a heat proof, clear silicone mat that is laid over the Applique Layout Guide:

a.     Peel paper backing from shapes

b.     Place them on mat according to Applique Layout Guide and place in corresponding spot

c.     Iron very briefly, just to adhere shapes together (2-3 seconds) and let cool completely

lay your shapes out in sections

breaking down the applique into small sections makes a complicated image easy
Take the smaller sections and combine them to make the larger forms

6.     Peel pressed fabric gently off of the silicone mat (do not worry if some pieces do not stay together, you can replace them before final iron)

using a clear, heat proof silicone mat makes applique life so easy

7.      Lay form over background fabric, using Applique Layout Guide

8.     Press a clean iron over shapes according to fusible webbing’s specific instructions

iron the fused shapes onto your background fabric

9.     Sew fabric down using your preferred method

8recommend a stain or zig zag if using the block in a quilt that will be used and washed; If using as a wall hanging then you can use thread sketching to just tact the shapes down

10. Trim block down to 12 1/2 in x 12 1/2 in

Release the Kraken!

There you have it! The Release the Kraken quilt block. My tribute to my favorite adult beverage- the Rum & Coke. It's my go to drink when I've had a long day and just need to unwind and sew the stress away. Thank you for joining me in my first Quilt Block Mania pattern. If you make the block make sure to tag me ( @sondrasasews ). I'm super nosey and love seeing everyone's takes & interpretations!

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Quilt Block Mania March blocks -themed drinks

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