The Never Ending Studio Remodel

the best laid plans of Quilters and DIYers often go awry

I've always been drawn to that quote from Steinbeck's novel Of Mice and Men : "The best laid plans of mice and men often go awry." It feels like the quintessential sentiment of how life inevitably goes. And so it goes with our best intended plans for the Art Quilts by Design production studio and offices.


Starting off Strong

Demolition of the streaming studio
Strong Beginnings

Everything started off without a hitch. Demolition of the studio couldn't had gone better. Walls were pulled down and out before we even started our first full week of remodel! The first real snag came pretty quickly after, because of course they did. *Cue dramatic music*

Who would have known that electrical wiring and voltage could be so confusing? To be fair, if the previous work had been to code, it wouldn't had been so bad. But it wasn't fully to code, and it was pretty bad. Enough so that it took over two weeks to make heads or tails of how the wiring was laid out and what switches needed to be installed/ replaced in order to achieve anything close to functioning. Thankfully, once our new Audio Visual technician

just going to build this wall here....privacy achieved!
New Office walls

Oshemie got on the scene, the jumbled mess we had gotten ourselves into was quickly untangled. Our electrical, networking, and lighting wires are all currently where they belong and we're just waiting on the painting to be finished so we can install our bright, "non dungeon" lights.

So what's left? WAY to much to be honest.

All of the walls have been fixed, along with a new wall that had to be custom built to give Oshemie office space to do his editing and audio magic. The first layer of primer paint is also up and dry. All that really is left is to do is to texture the walls and paint. Of course it's never just that simple, but we're confident that a few more good weekends under our belt and we'll be at a point to move the production equipment back in. Who's down for a Sew party?!

The positive thing about all this work that we're doing ourselves, (OK....that Oshemie is doing himself) is that we've been able to record a good majority of all the blood, sweat, and salty salty tears for your viewing enjoyment!


the Long & short of it

Here's the part where the 'bad news brick' gets dropped.

Originally, the master plan had been to have a huge launch party for AQD patterns this month. Obviously without access to the sewing machine, fabric, or anything useful; pattern production has hauled completely. But, we haven't thrown in the towel just yet! We're aiming to release our first batch of patterns come January of 2023. This also means that live streams will continue to be on hiatus until at least July.

no machine? no problem! hand sewing is always there to fall back on
English Paper piecing keeps the sanity

Thank you all for sticking with us through all the ups & downs that life is throwing at us. We can't wait to show off a completed studio and begin again on our Quilty passions!

Best of Stitches,


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