2020 2.0? Heck No!

Happy New Year Quilty Crew!

What an absolute crazy ride we've all been on these past, what? Two years?! I'm sure I am not the only one who is flabbergasted at the state the world is still in. Life has been a challenge for us all; even to just get pants on that aren't comfy sweats. (& bras, am I right?)

Here at Art Quilts by Design, we've taken this time to reflect on what we are focusing our time on, and why. When I started AQD, we focused on commissions and what the client wanted. Although it has given me the opportunity to meet all sorts of people, it just hasn't fulfilled that creative need deep down. After much consideration, I have decided to close commissions permanently.

"What does that mean for my commission that's in progress?"

- If you have a contracted commission in my que, it means that I will continue to work on your project until completed.

"What does that mean for Art Quilts by Design going forward?"

-Going forward AQD will still be fully operational (minus planet destroying lasers)

What it really means is that I will be getting back to what I am truly

passionate about, and lead me to found AQD to begin with: making creative content. This 'creative content' will be taking on several forms over the coming year.

Such as:

  • tutorials & timelapses on our Youtube Channel:


interact with other community members
Quilty Crew on Discord

  • reconnecting with the community in our Discord:


  • Consistent live content streaming on Twitch: