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The Top 5 Christmas Gifts for Quilters

Updated: Dec 6, 2022

Find the Perfect Present this Holiday Season

Are you one of those shoppers that waits until the last minute to buy gifts for your special Quilty someone? Or, maybe you just need that last special something for the quilter on your list. Have no fear! This holiday season, get ready to treat your favorite quilter with something that they'll treasure. From helpful tools to cozy accessories, we've got some great suggestions that any quilter will love.

1. The Quilter's Planner

The Quilter's planner is one of my favorites on this list. I personally have been using the Quilter's Planner since 2017! It has been one of my best tools in keeping organized with work, family, and of course my quilting!! It's highly customizable, with different calendar layouts for your weekly tracking, as well as many different covers to choose from. Did I mention that there are always at least 5 quilt patterns from different designers in the back? As well as plenty of measurement cheat sheets and a color wheel. This Planner is a must for any quilter!

Visit to place your order, and don't forget to check out the cute inserts and mini planner for on the go.

2. Tula Pink Quilting Scissors

If you were to ask anyone who knew me, who my favorite fabric designer is, they'd immediately tell you Tula Pink, hands down. It's her work that got me into the world of quilting to begin with!! So you know that I jumped at the chance to get a pair of scissors designed by Tula as quick as a kid on cake. Besides being drop dead

gorgeous, these scissors are also top of the line quality.

There are many different cutting accessories in the Tula Pink hardware line up, such as rotary cutters, seam rippers, and duckbill applique scissors. But for a gift this Christmas, I suggest starting your special quilting someone with these classic 8 in fabric sears. I hold mine in a special place in my heart & in my studio, because you better believe I'll go after anyone who uses my fabric scissors on paper!

3. Wellness for Makers: A Movement Guide for Artists

by Missy Graff Ballone

Let's be honest, as quilters, we don't really stop to think about what sort of impact sitting at our sewing machines for hours on end really does to our bodies. How are your wrists doing after hours of hand sewing?? With all my hand sewing, my wrists have been struggling a lot this year (not to mention my finger joints and shoulders). I got this for myself this summer and absolutely love this book.

There are step by step images to help guide you with simple stretches and exercise all geared to markers and creators. This is a must gift for any quilter, maker, and artist on your list this year.

4. Magnetic Needle holder

This gift gets my "Great Gift for under 20 Bucks" vote. A cute magnetic needle holder with a little storage cubby under to keep everything neat n' tidy. Now only if I could organize my whole studio this way!

Do note that the pins are glass heads!

5. Calico, the game

Rounding up the list this year is this adorable board game called Calico! I'm a big sucker for a good board game, and this happens to be quilt themed? I'm all in!! I love this Quilt themed board game for not just it's bright colors and adorable theme, but primarily for the simple fact that this is a 4 player game! It's a perfect ice breaker at guild meetings, a sewing retreat with a small group, or just to torment your family with your Quilty prowess! Did I mention the kitty kats? cause KITTY KATS! Seriously though, any quilter would be more than tickled pink to receive this adorable board game.

Tis the Season for Quilting

With all these ideas for Christmas gifts for quilters, your favorite quilter will be sure to have a holly jolly season. Whether it's something practical or something a little more playful, one of these top 5 ideas is sure to make the perfect gift for the quilter in your life. Get ready to ready to gift the quilter in your life something special this holiday season.

Happy Stitching Quilty Crew,

& a very happy holidays!


For an easy list for the items mentioned: Christmas for Quilters *

*Please know as an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

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